Hi! My name is Sharon Joseph and I am the founder of Brewasis™. For almost 20 years, I worked in the corporate arena in both marketing and sales for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies (PepsiCo, Mondalez (Kraft),GSK, Newell Rubbermaid, and RB) in both marketing and sales. I achieved VP status on the Walmart account, launched one of the biggest over the counter products (Flonase), ran some of the biggest global brands (Sensodyne, TUMS) and led the sale strategy for billion-dollar healthcare brands (Mucinex). I know how to dissect financial statements to unlock growth. I graduated from the executive education program at Harvard and spent the last 2 years working in the beer industry.  I am committed, alongside my team, to build your business and your brand; not for the short-term, but forever!


Jennifer Joseph

Exec. Assistant & Editor

Cat Skillen

Social Media Manager

Colby Wohlleb


Kacy Smith

UI/UX App Designer intern

Japhar Chery

Web Designer

Mark Goren

Social Media Research Analyst

Chase Lysias

Product Design Intern

Wilson Yu

UX Design

Brewasis Advisors

Laura Dierks

Shane Skillen

Ed Raven


Maggie Zhu

How we do it?

We specialize in building better beer brands. We’ll give you craft beer solutions. Not sure how to market your craft beer? We’ll develop marketing solutions for you.

The industry is ripe with untapped data. We’ll provide valuable business analytics to you, so that you can reach your target audience better. As a craft brewery, you are experts in making craft beer, but may run into problems with distribution, marketing, data analytics, and staff education. We’ll take care of the business side for you, so that you can focus on producing great beer.  

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