Building Better Beer Brands


Creating longevity! It’s about building your business and the data and analytics in the craft beer industry.


Taking the guesswork out of your spend. We measure everything so you don’t have to guess if something’s working.


Leveraging facts and insights. The industry has a huge amount of growth potential and we want you to capitalize on it.


Creating a connection with consumers, customers and corporations. We know marketing and sales work to grow your brand.


We focus on business analytics so you can focus on your beer. By using software that uses both AI and Machine Learning we take the guess work out of forecasting and sales targets.  This allows you to focus on what you do best: brewing damn good beer.

Emerging Data

We see the value in bringing new insights through emerging data through what people do not see: social data, crowd source data and event data. An ability to understand outliers in the data and mitigate risk through macro aggregate trends and micro trends including consumer sentiment.  

What Our CUstOmers say

Before sampling, Brewasis™ uncovered that only 6% of people drank cider as their preferred alcoholic beverage; however, after trying it, 25% said that it was their favorite beverage at the event!

- Alex, Descendant Cider

Brewasis™ recommended an IPA for an event that ended up doing 2X better than the kolsch/pilsner. This helped us focus on IPAs for future events outside the taproom.


“We contacted the Brewasis team on July 1st and the team turned around a project for August 8th. Their ability to execute a project in London, Sydney, DC, Palo Alto and NYC in this time frame with all customized beer was beyond our expectations, not to mention the exceptional customer service throughout the process.”

companies that experienced our services

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